Vacation rentals are on the rise from 2011 (36%) with remaining globetrotters opting for B&Bs/Inns (24%) and All-inclusive resorts (18%). Hotel stays have dropped 4% with more people opting for a different type of vacation, breaking away from the monotonous food, entertainment and activities.

HomeAway vacation rental website has reported the following reasons as to why people choose a vacation rental over an all inclusive vacation:

Vacation rentals are cheaper for family vacations; A 2-3 bedrooms means you can share the unit and thus save money.

They also allow you to know exactly what you are eating.  Some people feel like they eat more at an all inclusive resort simply because the resort serves food during specific timeframes, not because you are hungry. Save your waistline and book with a vacation rental property.  You’ll eat less and come home feeling a whole lot better.

Vacation rentals also allow you to break away from the lack of variety.  People get weary of dining in the same restaurant night after night.

Booking with a vacation rental property allows you to get out and meet the local people and culture. And hey, isn’t that why you traveled in the first place?

Some All-inclusive resorts give very little back to the local economy. Many people who visit these resorts never leave to sample any local cuisine or culture or explore the country. This adversely affects local transportation, shops and activity providers.

All-Inclusive vacations may be cheaper, but there is a down side.  While recession sticker prices for all-inclusive Caribbean hotels may make some packages seem like sweet deals, you should also watch out for any extra fees including, taxes, tips, internet, alcohol, nightclub admission and damage insurance fees for those under age 25.  Additionally, if the food is not great, you are either stuck eating it or spending money off of the resort to get a decent meal. While water sports such as jet skiing, sailing, kayaking and snorkeling may be included in the price you pay, it may not be worth the money if you spend your vacation waiting in long lines to get access.  Staying in a vacation rental also allows you the freedom to take tours and trips when you want, on your own schedule.

It is definitely worth considering booking a vacation rental over an all inclusive.  So break away and enjoy your vacation on your own terms.