Our Team



Brent was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada and from the day he purchased his very first property, at only 20 years old, building and real estate became a passion for Brent. Brent and his wife Erin were avid Mexico travelers. They loved the culture, people, weather and quick flight from Canada.

After making a trip to Huatulco in 2009, they knew they found the place they wanted to make their new home. They decided to invest in Mexico and jumped at the opportunity to combine their passion for real estate with their love for Mexico. Brent enjoys many outdoor activities including mountain biking, hiking, surfing and stand up paddleboarding. He also enjoys spending time with friends and family as well as spending time on Huatulco’s beautiful beaches. Today Brent is the Owner and Operator of Bayside Real Estate, where he has been nicknamed ‘The DreamCatcher’, helping people make paradise their home! Let Brent help you find your dream home today.



Erin was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. She and her husband Brent moved to Calgary, Alberta in 2001 where she worked in Management and Human Resources for EPCOR Energy.

Erin wears a lot of hats within the Bayside company. She is a fellow sales associate for Bayside Real Estate, oversees the general operation of the Bayside Vacation Rental division and manages our company websites. In her spare time, Erin loves to travel, spend time outdoors and loves everything about Mexico. She enjoys going to the beach, hiking, stand up paddleboarding and is learning to play the guitar and evolve from a wake surfer to the ocean surfer.



Norma is our Office Administrator and backbone of the office. She is the smiling face our clients see when they enter the office.

Norma was born in Valle de Santiago, Guanajuato and moved to Raleigh North Carolina at age 5. She studied and Graduated high school there and moved back to Mexico with her husband in 2010.

She started working on receiving her Accounting certificate right before she started working for Bayside in 2015.  She worked extremely hard to obtain it and is now happy to say she is a certified accountant and administrator. Even though she feels like she has accomplished her dream she is willing to learn more and become better and better each day.  

Norma has 2 beautiful kids and in her spare time loves spending time with her family. She loves going to the beach, traveling to new places in Mexico and tasting the different and delicious types of foods they have to offer.



Tamara is our Director of Operations for Bayside Property Management.

Tamara was born in Mexico City and lived there until she was 7. Her family made the move to Toluca, where she went to high school, college and studied Industrial Design. 

She has worked as extra in movies & television sets and  has been a medical equipment designer, graphic designer and camp monitor. After acouple of years she decided that the big city was not her thing, so at the age of 28 decided that she wanted to live the hippie dream. While volunteering at a beach hostel in Puerto Escondido she did a day drip to Huatulco with her boyfriend and fell in love! They both decided Huatulco was their new home. 

Tamara is a beach and music lover so that is where she spends most of her spare time. At the beach with her pup while listening to music. She also puts her creative mind to work as a freelance graphic designer.



Mari Carmen is our Reservations Manager for Bayside Vacations.

She was born and raised in Puebla, Mexico. She visited Huatulco when she was younger and knew since then this is where she wanted to live. She loved the fact that Huatulco was the only sustainable touristic destination in Mexico that was certified with Earthcheck and many awards. Mari Carmen always reminded herself it was where she would return one day.

She studied International Touristic Management and always knew she was going to live in a beach destination. After working in a Private Aviation she decided to leave everything behind and go after her dreams of living the beach life. She loves the culture, gastronomy and heritage of her country and wants other people to experience that. Mari Carmen will be glad to make your next stay in paradise unforgettable! 



Marcela was born in Morelia, Michoacán and moved to Huatulco 19 years ago. She has been working as a Vacation Rental Specialist for over 2 years and works directly with Bayside’s guests to ensure they have a relaxing and enjoyable stay.

In her spare time Marce likes to play video games and is quite self disciplined as a contortionist. Marce considers herself a shy person, but once you get to know her, she loves to talk and have fun! She is a huge animal lover, so much that she has adopted 5 dogs and 8 cats!

She loves nature photography and macrophotograph, you can find her outside in nature checking out the beautiful flowers, insects and birds of Huatulco every chance she gets.



Emilio was born and raised in Puebla, México and has lived in Huatulco since February 2021. Emilio has been one of Bayside’s valued Vacation Rental Specialists for over 2 years and takes pride in assisting guests with checking in and out and helping them with services and tours during their stay in paradise.

Emilio is passionate about cars and filming, and aspires to become a content creator for Youtube one day. When Emilio was 18 years old, he was studying at the Volkswagen institute and they launched a contest where 5 winners would get an all included trip to Germany. He was fortunate enough to be one of the winners and expanded his passion in the car industry!

Emilio is passionate about dealing with the challenges customers and guests can face, and does it with positivity and a smile! He loves living in Huatulco and enjoys it’s beautiful scenery and beaches. In his free time, Emilio likes to take his motorcycle out to explore the beauty of the area.



Jazmin Corona was born in Mexico City but lived most of her life here in Huatulco. Jazmin thinks there are so many things she needs to learn about the history and culture from here that she wouldn’t be able to considerate herself “Huatulqueña”, but her heart belongs to this unique paradise.

Jazmin started working in customer service at the early age of 18, having the fortune to meet amazing people from different places who had so many things to share. This led her to become a part of the wonderful team at Bayside Vacations Huatulco and has been thriving as a Vacation Rental Specialist for over 2 years.

She is a music lover and started playing the drums when she was 11 years old, but now Jazmin enjoys singing!



Miguel was born in Durango and raised in Mexico City. He works as a Vacation Rental Specialist and takes care of the guests ensuring they have a remarkable experience in the paradise that is Huatulco.

Miguel started his career in the Hotel and customer service business at 19 years old, and since then he is dedicated to the tourism industry.

Miguel loves to write and read poetry as it is one of his biggest passions. One of Miguel’s biggest dreams is to publish a poetry book. He is a respectful passionate person that loves to experience and learn new things.