A recent survey show that more than 2,700 U.S. travelers shows that despite the current economic climate, 31% anticipate they will spend more on leisure travel this year, while 49% will spend the same amount as they did in 2011.

Where are Travelers Going?

Beach trips make up 44% of the Top Travel Trends Trip Picks for Travelers, with 42% going on Cultural Trips and 40% taking Road Trips.

68% plan to travel outside the U.S. in 2012 and among these globetrotters, 54% will visit Europe, 52% will go to a North American destination outside the U.S. such as Canada or Mexico. 12% will travel to Asia.

Where Will They Stay?

Vacation rentals are on the rise from 2011 with 36% of travelers opting to rent.  Remaining globetrotters opting for B&Bs/Inns (24%) and All-inclusive resorts (18%). Hotel stays have dropped 4% with more people opting for a different type of vacation, breaking away from the monotonous food, entertainment and activities.

Lodging Stats: Travelers’ Accommodation Picks for 2012

Stayed in 2011 Planning to stay in 2012
Going Up:
Vacation Rentals 35% 36%
B&Bs/ Inns 24% 26%
All-inclusive resorts 16% 18%
Going Down:
Hotels 87% 83%
Staying with friends/family 45% 43%

Source: TripAdvisor

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