Puerto Escondido Surfing Vacations

If you’re a surfer looking for the ultimate surfing destination, consider Puerto Escondido. Located in southwestern Mexico on the Pacific coast, Puerto Escondido Surfing Vacations are the perfect choice for surfers who want to live a life of luxury while also getting the opportunity to surf some of the world’s best waves. Nicknamed “The Mexican Pipeline,” the World Surf Tour stops here, which is a great seal of approval of the area’s popularity with the world’s best surfers.

Puerto Escondido Surfing Vacation is Seasonal

The surf at Puerto Escondido is seasonal (like everywhere). During the dry season, from November to April, the surf varies in size from small to medium. Beginning in early May, at the start of the rainy season, the surf can vary from small to big, with the change in surf being quite dramatic. The quality of Puerto Escondido’s surf increases quite suddenly at the beginning of the rainy season, with another added benefit being the strong offshore winds that accompany evening surf sessions. All of this adds up to some top notch, world class surfing.

There are multiple places in Puerto Escondido to go surfing. One of the most famous and well known is Zicatela Beach. It’s the reason why many surfers go on Puerto Escondido Surfing Vacations. There are many myths out there about Zicatela Beach, one of them being that the infamous Beach Break is a closeout with only the occasional wave to keep surfers coming back for more, but that simply isn’t true. The truth is, while the waves may be powerful and unforgiving, they’re much more manageable for experienced surfers than commonly believed. That said, the most frequently surfed section of Zicatela Beach is the section closest to town. Those who are surfing in this area can be incredibly competitive, though, so come to the beach prepared. Another frequently surfed area in Puerto Escondido is The Point, a fast, fun, left point wave.

For those who want to go on Puerto Escondido Surf Vacations but are just starting out, Puerto Escondido can be a great place for you, too. While Zicatela Beach may be for experienced surfers only, there are many other beaches in the area that are perfect for beginners. A surfing school with classes for beginners is the best place to start, as these professionals will know the best beaches to take you to as you’re just learning to surf.

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Puerto Angel itself has become a world class surfing destination, and it’s right outside your door when you stay at Viewpoint at Puerto Angel. Imagine being just 30 minutes away from the surfing in Puerto Escondido, while also having the opportunity to stay in a luxurious apartment with 11 beautiful beaches right outside your door in Puerto Angel. This doesn’t have to be just a dream – it can be your reality if you go on Puerto Escondido Surf Trips and stay at Viewpoint at Puerto Angel.

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