Playa La Entrega lies toward the outer edge of bahia Santa Cruz, Huatulco. During the sixteenth century the bays of Huatulco were the main seaport for the Spanish Viceroy. In 1831, former President, and Mexican hero, Vicente Guerrero, fell victim to treacherous betrayal on Playa La Entrega initiating it’s name, which means  ‘deliverance’. In 1849, Benito Juárez, another great Mexican hero, and former President as well, visited the place and founded a villa known as Villa de Crespo. 

This 300 meter long beach is the southernmost of the Santa Cruz beaches and is popular for swimming, snorkeling, kayaking and diving. It features numerous palapa restaurants and a pay-to-use restroom. Wave action varies from calm to moderate at different places along the beach.

Playa La Entrega is accessible by land and boat. It is a 5 minute trip by boat or 2.5 minute trip by car.