huatulco_beach_vacationYour tickets are booked for your Huatulco beach vacation. Get ready for sun, sand and surf in this oceanside paradise.  Get ready for relaxation and freedom from everyday life!  However, it can be difficult to feel fully free when you’re dragging too much stuff around. You can have a heavy luggage free vacation with a streamlined list of hot weather must-haves so you look cool, even when the temperature isn’t (and trust us, it isn’t!)

Overall Essentials

Huatulco boasts 340 days of sun with an average of 30 degrees everyday. As a result, make ‘light and breezy’ the theme for your Huatulco beach vacation wardrobe.  Opt for linens, tank tops, sandals and hats that will give you protection from the sun while still looking chic on your tropical getaway!

Can’t Leave Home Without It

huatulco beach vacation sarongNo Huatulco beach vacation is complete without a swimsuit. Whether it be swimming, snorkeling and paddle boarding in the warm Pacific waters or cooling off in the pool, you will be spending a lot of time in the water.  Make sure to bring at least two swimsuits so that you always have something dry to wear.  Ladies, don’t forget that cute cover up (or two so you can mix it up) for beach side strolls and to grab a snack in between tanning time.  A sarong is also a great idea for the ladies – as it can double as a skirt, dress, shawl, beach towel, top sheet and a tablecloth. 

For those warm evenings, a few colorful light sundresses paired with some great costume jewelry and a nice sandal will be perfect for dinner.  Men should bring a few lightweight button-down shirts for nicer restaurants.  Linens shirts work great as well as they breathe and keep you nice and cool.

huatulco beach vacationHats are a must for your Huatulco beach vacation. The sun is strong and you need to protect that noggin! Sunglasses are also extremely important to protect those peepers from harmful UV rays.

Sunscreen is also a must bring for your Huatulco beach vacation. Although you can purchase it at most drug stores, pharmacies and grocery stores, you may end up paying double the price depending on the season and where you buy it.  If you want to save some cash bring it from home.

huatulco beach vacation bagA great mesh or nylon beach bag is also a must.  This will allow those wet swimsuits, trunks and towels to air dry.  It’s wise to choose one with inside waterproof pockets to store valuables, iPods and cell phones. 

Finally, don’t forget your camera for your upcoming trip.  Huatulco is such a beautiful beach destination with many beaches and bays to explore, ecotourism and attractions. You are going to make many memories here. Capture them forever with a camera and good carrying case that will protect it from the elements.

Now that you’re all packed you are ready for your Huatulco beach vacation. Enjoy the sunshine, sea and surf. Adios!