Skip the all inclusive resorts and book a vacation rental by owner in Mexico.  

Are you tired of line ups at the buffet, obstructed views of the ocean and cookie cutter hotel rooms?

  1. Mexico vacation rental homes can accommodate an entire family comfortably, providing you with full sized kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and plenty of living space.  Vacation rentals also often have personalized touches such as movies, games and a guide of things to do in the area, making it fun for the whole family.
  2. Vacation rentals offer many activities and amenities that hotels do not.  These include personal and/or private swimming pools, pool toys, bicycles, canoes, kayaks, etc.  Many hotels charge extra to use the amenities where a vacation rental includes this in their price.
  3. Rentals provide you with the opportunity to cook meals in your own kitchen as opposed to eating when hotels and all inclusive resort restaurants are serving food.  If you are a foodie, you will love to check out all of the amazing restaurants the area has to offer.  This rubs resorts the wrong way, but I have yet to find an all-inclusive resort where the food is as good as what you can find on on your own.  Personally, the thought of breakfast buffets and food under heat lamps turns me off.  In addition, I’ve known more people who got sick from hotel food in Mexico than what they’ve eaten from a street vendor or restaurant.  Just some food for thought (pun intended ;).
  4. Rentals reduce the human footprint on the environment.  People can become very wasteful at all-inclusive resorts. Instead of choosing one dessert, we grab a plateful so that we can sample them all. We’ll try the complimentary bars of soap and wear the in-room bathrobe for a few hours because we paid for them, even though the soap will be discarded at the end of our stay and the bathrobe will need to be washed.  If you prefer to pay only for activities, services, meals and drinks you actually use, you may find that you will spend less money staying at a vacation rental. 
  5. Sometimes you want to go at your own pace.  Vacation rentals allow you to break away from the tourist bubble and immerse yourself into the area in a more private and relaxed setting.  Renting a vacation home lets you get out and see something different each day.  Skip the cramped schedule tours and march to the beat of your own drum.
  6. Staying on your own allows you more personal interaction and local flavour.  Locals can give you advice and personal recommendations on the best places to eat, beaches to check out and activities to try in the area. 
  7. When you stay at a vacation rental you are also helping out the small businesses versus the corporate hotel chains. 

Discover what you’ve been missing and book a vacation rental by owner for your family getaway, honeymoon, or sabbatical. You can easily find a vacation rental that suits your needs and unique itinerary. 

Book a vacation rental today and enjoy your vacation the way you were meant to!