One of the major cities of bustling Mexico, Mexico City is known as one of the largest metropolis in the world housing almost over 22

Flights to Mexico City

Mexico City

million Spanish-speaking citizens in a 750 square kilometre area. Among the many cities, it is the center of government, business, and culture in the whole Mexico. Comparable to United States’ Las Vegas, Mexico City, is the country’s own city that never sleeps. No wonder travellers, investors, and people around the world are captivated into taking flights to Mexico City.

With much abundance Mexico City has it all; from world-famous archaeological sites to the unlimited shopping opportunities, vibrant festivities and nightlife to a carefree culinary experience.  The affluence of its culture and traditions and the warmness of the locals only add to the reasons why the world has been spellbound by its beauty.

Flights to Mexico City

So who goes to Mexico City frequently? Honeymooners are just one of the few. People from other parts of the globe who wanted to experience a variety of activities that ranges from laid-back to extremes are the most likely to come and travel across the world  just to have a good taste of what the extraordinary Mexican city has in store for them. Families looking for an exciting adventure, students on a spring break, culinary enthusiasts, history lovers, and business investors only sum up to the many worldwide arrivals in the busy Benito Juarez International Airport. Specifically speaking, people from these following countries are the frequent visitors of Mexico:

  • United States of America and Canada – The main airlines that cater flights to Mexico City from these two countries are Aeromexico, Mexicana, American Airlines, Air Canada, United Airlines, Continental Airlines, and Delta Airlines departing particularly from Dallas, Houston, Miami, Chicago, New York, and Los Angeles, Vancouver and Toronto. Most of these flights arrive directly to the city center and flight time ranges from two to six hours, depending on how far north you are from.
  • United Kingdom and other European countries– You can catch a flight to Mexico City directly from London via the British Airways or you can go to other cities such as Paris, Amsterdam, Madrid, or Frankfurt. Connecting flights from the USA are also available if you cannot find an available flight via British Airways. Flight times from these countries usually take up 11-12 hours if the plane is travelling west and a much shorter time if it travels on the opposite direction (due to trade winds).
  • Australia and New Zealand – There are no direct flights from these countries to Mexico City. Most visitors arrange a connecting flight via the USA. Recommended cities for international connections to Mexico are Los Angeles, Dallas, Houston, Miami, Chicago and New York. Some travellers also opt to go Japan (Tokyo) or a certain European city. Among these connecting flights, Miami and Los Angeles offer the shortest second-leg flight to Mexico City. Flight duration will vary on which route is taken.

Airlines That Serve Flights to Mexico City

Aside from the above given, there are a number of international airlines that charter trips from anywhere around the globe to Mexico City. Follow the link to see a complete list of all the airlines catering flights to Mexico City. Flights to the metropolis are available all year round. The top three aviation companies that travel to and from the city the most are: Delta Airlines, Aeromexico, and American Airlines. The most comfortable airline is Air Canada, as it was recently awarded the Best International Airline in North America by Skytrax and Global Traveler Magazine.

What You Need to Know Before Embarking on a Mexican Trip

To have a hassle-free trip, travelling to Mexico requires time for planning. You have to know all the important details to avoid stress while vacationing. Some tourists consult travel agencies to help them accomplish everything while others wanted to have a good taste of what it’s like to plan a Mexican trip on their own. For those who don’t have the slightest idea, here are the basic things that you need to be familiar with:

  •  Documents – In order to legally be flown to Mexico City, one must obtain a tourist visa from their local Mexican Consulate. However, there is a list of countries allowed to enter the place without having to obtain one, but rather only a document called FMM (Forma Migratoria Multiple) – a visitor’s permit that costs around $22. This payment is usually included in the airfare, so that all that is needed to be done is to fill out a form from the check-in counter before boarding the plane and present it to the airport officials upon arrival.
  • Warnings – It must be known that Mexico City has been a subject of attention by the government not only for its tourist spots but also for the rampant crime cases such as pick-pocketing, robbery, rape, assault, extortion, credit/debit card skimming and worse, murder. Although most of the victims are the locals, precautionary measures must be taken into account. If you want to explore the city, just bring what you need, you can leave your valuables in your hotel room. Be careful when going out at night, make sure that you stay in a place where you can see law enforcement officers. Do not go to a deserted place. Ensure that travels to and from your hotel are properly arranged before your arrival. For additional tips on how to travel safely to Mexico City, please visit the link.
  • Itinerary– To maximize your stay in the capital city of Mexico, you must create an itinerary. Shop for souvenirs, taste authentic Mexican food at the city’s great restaurants, visit world-class ancient sites and museums, and party all night – these are just some of the things that you must not miss doing. Read this entry for additional information on activities that you must do while vacationing in Mexico.

Those are just some of the important things that you have to know before scheduling flights to Mexico City. So buckle up and remember to have a blast and forget about everything else once you step on this beautiful city – for you might not know what other surprises await you.

Have you already taken flights to the stunning Mexico City?

If so, what did you do? What are the must-see spots there? Did you have fun? Share your experience with us and let others know how wonderful it is to walk through the busy streets of the Mexican city. We’ll be waiting!

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