Playa Zipolite

4 miles west of Puerto Angel is Playa Zipolite (see-poh-LEE-tay), a beach community best known for its amazing waves and ‘hippie’ culture.  Zipolite is a nearly pristine beach about forty meters wide and 2km long, with medium grain gold colored sand and blue-green water.  This beach was featured in the Mexican blockbuster movieY tu mamá también.” and has become very popular with foreign tourists and backpackers.  Zipolite is also popular for it’s nudity, mostly on the west end, so be warned that you may get an eyeful if you go!  Zipolite stretches from a small isolate cove called Playa del Amor on the east side to the new age Shambala retreat on the west end which is partially sheltered by rocks.  The beach is lined by swaying palms, rustic cabanas, hotels, restaurants and hammocks.

Because of the underwater currents residing offshore it is best to use caution when swimming.  A volunteer lifeguard team and flag system have been created to indicate where and when it is safest to swim.

Main street in Zipolite

Walk along the main paved street (Aldoquin as the locals call it) where you can shop for authentic Mexican trinkets, or enjoy one of the many great restaurants offering standard Mexican to international cuisine and vegetarian choices. Many of the local restaurants are owned by expatriate Italians and serve pasta dishes as well as pizza.  Although there are many beachside restaurants to choose from, we have a few favorites that we’d like to share with you.

El Alquimista Restaurant

 El Alquimista restaurant is located on the west end of the beach and offers delicious wood fired pizzas, tasty tuna medallions, thirst quenching mango margaritas and more.  It is sure to tantalize your tastebuds! El Alquimista provides great food and a relaxing atmosphere…all for half the price you would pay at home.

Another mealtime favorite is La Providencia, located on the second street perpendicular to the main entrance of Zipolite.  This amazing restaurant offers one of the best contemporary Mexico cuisine in the area. The Chef’s specialties include delicious coconut shrimp in mango sauce, fresh tuna, beef medallions & stuffed chillies – Buen Provecho! 

Break the fast at ‘A Nice Place on the Beach’, owned by Greg, a fellow Canadian and lover of the area. This place is a great spot to visit in the morning and enjoy the famous ‘Canadian Breakfast’ while watching the massive Zipolite surf roll in. After breakfast relax in a hammock or walk the shoreline of this famous beach. This little gem is located off main street Zipolite.


Relax on the beach, check out the shops at the Aldoquin, enjoy a spa day or participate in a yoga class at one of the 2 local studios.  Zipolite provides something for everyone and is as relaxing as it gets along the Oaxacan coastline.