vacation planning forumsVacation planning forums are the best way to plan a vacation to Mexico.

Although there are a lot of sources like books, shared experiences from family and close friends, television shows, or news article and feature magazines, nothing beats the world wide web for a few tips.  The internet helps with everything from planning to booking and giving reviews.  [divider_flat]

Online vacation planning forums allow people around world to communicate their individual experiences about their trip to Mexico and the best places to visit and stay.

Mexico is a great place to be when you talk about rest and relaxation – the beach, the cuisine, the culture, the people, and the archaeological history are just some of the reasons why travelers include traveling to Mexico in their bucket list. As vacation planning forums grow every year, opportunities for sharing experiences in Mexico has benefited not only the first-timers but also the frequent travelers in various ways. The advantage of having vacation planning forums is that people can read what other travelers have experienced in Mexico.  Having the ability to save money and traveling with ease and comfort are just two of the valuable perks. And this is where online vacation planning forums are most famous for.

Below you can find 10 vacation planning forums to help with your vacation planning in Mexico. Each one has a link directing you to the forum. It’s free, easy, and most of all, informative. Plus you can ask questions and receive answers straight from fellow members themselves.

Gringos – A forum for all expats living in Mexico, for people thinking about moving to Mexico and for anyone with an interest in the country, the culture and the people.

Mexico Travel Forums – A forum that gives answers and insights about Mexico from real travelers and Mexico locals.

Mexico Expat and Travel  – A forum that provides answers to expats about Mexico: news, travel tips, photos, real estate, etc.

The Pacific Coast of Mexico – Travelers and residents share their knowledge and experiences about the Pacific side of Mexico. Advice from many sources on what to enjoy and what to avoid are also found here.

Mexconnect – Exploration of those special places hidden all over Mexico.

MEX Online – The ultimate vacation planning forum to guide visitors around Mexico.

Lonely Planet – A fantastic forum for worldwide travelers.

Tripadvisor – A great site providing reviews of hotels, restaurants and more.

Tomzap – A forum that provides information for expats traveling to the South Pacific Coast of Mexico, including the beautiful state of Oaxaca. – A vacation planning forum that allows travelers to blog on their experiences.

Here are some general tips on planning a vacation in Mexico:

First, file an application for the required travel documents. Contact your local Mexican Embassy and secure your passport. Check your travel requirements before applying to prevent unnecessary delays. Then choose the type of travel that you want – whether you want to experience the beach, visit the historical ruins, or go on a week-long fishing trip, Mexico has every spot for you. After that, select your time frame. Mexico is a very popular spot so it is expected to attract tourists all year long. Also, prices vary in each location and time, so make sure to make the best deal for your money. Then book your travel. The earlier the better. Finally, learn some basic Spanish words and have fun with it. It helps you make friends easily, appreciate the Mexican culture, and it gives you the opportunity to get better prices at everything.