Travel tipsDid you know that vacation safety begins before you leave for your destination?

Here are some great post departure travel tips that will ensure your vacation is both safe and enjoyable.


  • Pack sufficient medication and prescriptions to last you during your vacation.
  • Inform trusted friends and family back home of your itinerary and contact number for emergencies and avoid discussing your absence in public forums.
  • Get to know more about the crime situation or any travel advisories in your destination to be better prepared.
  • Clean out your wallet/purse before you leave on your vacation, taking only essential credit cards.  It is also wise to use credit cards instead of cash when map credit card passport
  • When booking a vacation rental property, hotel and car rental, ensure you know all of the terms and conditions to avoid surprises.
  • Scan your passport and travel documents and e-mail them to yourself. That way, if your documents are lost or stolen you can easily access copies from your e-mail.
  • Note down your credit card’s international telephone number with you.  The 1-800 numbers used in Canada and the U.S. don’t work in Mexico.
  • Check out the popular destinations for tourism in the area you visit and map them out so you have some form of itinerary.
  • Check the local travel advisory on any vaccinations or safety issues in the location you plan to visit.  See your doctor 6 weeks ahead to find out if your immunizations are up to date, and if you need any additional vaccines, such as one for typhoid or hepatitis.Sun Safety
  • Bring proper protection such as light clothing, hats, sunglasses, mosquito repellent and sunscreen when traveling to hot destinations.