Looking for the “perfect wave”? Look no more. Here you can find the list of the Top Youtube Channels for Surfing in Mexico. All of the channels feature Mexico’s reigning spots in the field of surf-riding. Over time, Mexico has become for most of the many surfers all around the world as the perfect place to find big crashing waves ready to be played upon by their fearless spirits and strong boards.

To fully appreciate the sport, it’s good to know about how surfing in general evolved in time. Where did it come from? How did it start in Mexico?

Even before the arrival of European Missionaries to the little island of Hawaii, the people there have been doing surf riding as a religious and meaningful ritual. Back then, the surf boards were made of carefully carved heavy-weighted hardwood with no safety devices such as leashes and rash guards. Strong winds and big tides that usually are present in Hawaii made surfing much more than a legend by its people, but with the coming of foreigners who brought about alcohol, oppression, and disease, the once quiet Hawaii almost lost all of its culturally rooted activities – including surfing.

Surfing began to become famous as a sport when Jack London visited Hawaii and was taught about the sport by George Freeth. He became so fascinated by the sport that he wrote a book entitled “A Royal Sport: Surfing in Waikiki” that was first published in 1907 and later, in 1911. Many events thereafter led to the development of surfing and was even included in one of the sports being competed in Summer Olympics. Then, technology found its way to the sport, eventually turning it into a more safe and easy-to-do activity. Lighter fiberglass and synthetic materials became the primary ingredient to a more manageable board of different shapes and sizes. Leashes, wetsuits, fins, and a lot more devices were added to ensure the safety of the surfers. Because of these changes, surfers then were able to travel anywhere just to search for the perfect wave – which had greatly helped spread the art and sport of surfing.

It was in the 1960s that surfers from the US traveled south to find this perfect wave and one Felix Cota from Ensenada, Baja California introduced the sport to Mexico. By winning a world championship in San Diego, California in 1965, Nacho Felix, a local in Mexico earned fame in the history of Mexican surfing. In the following years, surfing in Mexico has become one of the most sought-after activities in the country. Mazatlan, Cabo,  Oaxaca, and Sinaloa top the list of the places where big waves and sun-kissed beaches are found.

Next up: what you’ve been waiting for, the Top Youtube Channels for Surfing Vacations in Mexico.

12. Surf Travel Mexico

Salina Cruz Surf Tours is a service provider that offers several surf trips and vacation packages to Oaxaca, Mexico. It is aimed at giving surfers a variety of places to surf, from  Puerto Escondido and Huatulco to Salina Cruz. These areas are special as they are quiet and most of these spots are not that developed. However, a great stay is guaranteed as the warmness of the people, the tranquility of the area, and the waves are the very reason why surfers from beginners to experts come back for more.

Website: www.surfing-oaxaca.com

Subscribers: 22

Upload Views: 30,633

Channel Views: 797

11. Surfinders

If you are crazy about surfing and you want to spend it in a not-so-crowded beach in Mexico, Surfinders will help you find the ultimate surf vacation you are dreaming of. Its goal is to offer personalized customer service, guaranteeing you a comfortable stay in their exotic destinations. Experience the greatest surfing adventure of your life with Surfinders whether you are going solo, as a couple, as a family, or as a group. Surfinders serve a variety of vacation packages that will suit your every need.

Website: www.surfindersholidays.com

Subscribers: 23

Upload Views:  41,989

Channel Views: 3,760

10. Riviera Nayarit – Mexico

Nestled between the Pacific Ocean and the Western Sierra Madre Mountains awaits a stunning location – Mexico’s latest extravagant vacation paradise – the Riviera Nayarit. It does not only boast of beautiful beaches and mouthwatering cuisines, it also features the waves which accentuates the beauty of the area.

Website: www.RivieraNayarit.com

Subscribers: 30

Upload Views: 14,048

Channel Views: 4,038

9. Central Surf TV

Central Surf TV is dedicated in providing the best videos of paddle surf board in Mexico. It is based in Puerto Escondido but features surf videos taken all over Mexico. Let these videos be your guide to choosing your ultimate surf vacation.


Subscribers: 25

Upload Views:  14,612

Channel Views: 585

8. Chuck On Tour

Chuck on Tour is an online vacation guide on travel destinations. In this site is a compilation of a traveler’s adventures which is dedicated in giving useful information for other travelers and researchers. It features Mexico at its best, including the perfect surf vacation sites he could find.

Website: www.chuckontour.com

 Subscribers: 42

Upload Views:  294,622

Channel Views: 3,276

7. Traveling in Mexico 2010

This site is also a compilation of pictures and videos that showcases what Mexico has to offer, particularly the beaches that offer great waves suitable for surfing. This site might be the answer for your long-awaited Mexican surf dream!

Website: www.facebook.com/frankietvwww.volaretv.com

Subscribers: 42

Upload Views: 26,040

Channel Views: 1,536

6. Jaimenoia

Jaime Noia is a Christian Missionary, a surf enthusiast, and an artist who dedicated his life in the art and sport of surfing. His experiences with the sport includes a plenty of Mexico’s hottest surf spots, mainly Baja California. His passion for the activity is also reflected on his work of art, as almost each and every one of his paintings features Mexico’s great waves.

Website: www.jaimenoiasurfart.com

Subscribers: 48

Upload Views: 112,402

Channel Views: 2,148

5. Surfer Oaxaca

This channel features what it is like living in Oaxaca region. It compiles videos of Oaxaca’s night life, food, people, events, and most of all, the magnificent waves that make travelers and surfers stay longer.  Oaxaca has gained fame in being one of the country’s hot spots when it comes to international surfing tournaments which mainly occur in the summer months and in the month of November.

Website: surferoaxaca.com

Subscribers: 55

Upload Views: 127,071

Channel Views: 3,752

4. BgsBoardingTv

This site showcases surf videos taken all over Mexico. It features young enthusiasts on different surfing events from year 2009 up to the present. Watch the surf-riders break the waves in every part of Mexican beach – and see yourself do the same.

Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Bgs-boarding

Subscribers: 63

Upload Views: 32,315

Channel Views: 2,214

3. Absolute Mexico

Absolute Mexico is a site that compiles videos that are all about the great waves and how surf-loving people make use of it. The videos are taken from different beaches in Mexico. If you are planning to have the best Mexican surf break, consider adding this channel to the list of must-visit sites.

Subscribers: 63

Upload Views: 437,632

Channel Views: 4,175

2. SurfMexico.Net

SurfMexico.Net channel provides surf travel ideas in Mexico, from Tijuana to Puerto Escondido. It showcases each and every hot spot, which only makes it hard for surfers to choose one. But one thing is for sure, whether you are an advanced learner or a fearless first-timer, this site gives you the reason that Mexico is indeed the place for you.

Website: SurfMexico.Net

Subscribers: 107

Upload Views: 177,785

Channel Views: 10,321

1. All About Cabo

All About Cabo is a channel that describes what it is like to be in Cabo. It showcases its must-see historic places, palate-satisfying array of restaurants, relaxing stretches of white-sand beaches, and its fun-filled nightlife. All of these are present in Cabo. This is a spot perfect for everyone, from surf  lovers to history fanatics. Cabo is the place to be.

Website: allaboutcabo.com

Subscribers: 225

Upload Views:  68,318

Channel Views: 2,581

Do you have any more Youtube Channels for Surfing Vacations in Mexico?

Maybe you can be the very next one to put up a channel about surf vacations in Mexico. After all, vacations are supposed to be fun and exciting, and what else to share that fun with than taking videos and uploading it on the latest video-sharing community? Think about it. Because wherever you may be, for as long as you are in Mexico, surfing can never as much thrilling and adrenalin-pumping!