Cancun is a Caribbean like location perfect for snorkeling, scuba diving or doing something more relaxing such as sailing. The sand in the beaches is white as pearl which gives it a heavenly look. Not only does it look heavenly, it also feels heavenly. The white sand is so fine that it feels as if you were being massaged. There is no need to go to a spa when you have the beach to refresh you. There are locations that are suitable for everyone in the white beaches. For example, if you visit the northern coast during your Mexico travels, you will find waves that are small and calm. This attracts families with children because they are able to play safely in the beach. If you are a surfing enthusiast, the eastern coast of the white beaches is a great location for spotting challenging waves. No matter which beach you visit, the water is warm and its deep, calming turquoise color helps give you a relaxing vacation. The city of Cancun is a popular spot to visit for Mexico travel because of the numerous amounts of shopping and dining areas. You can visit cuisines that make Mexican and Italian food so you can have a taste of the world in one location. If you are looking for an area to shop, the Kukulkan Plaza is an area that has over 60,000 meters of space with a little over 250 shops set up just for its tourists. It’s impossible to travel to Mexico and come back from this place without having bought something.

Los Cabos
Los Cabos is located on the tip of the Baja California Peninsula and is known for its beaches. Tourists from all over the world travel to Los Cabos, Mexico to have a hands on experience with the sport of fishing and surfing. The geography of Los Cabos is mainly natural. You can come whale watching during the whale migration season to watch the whales as they migrate looking for warmer waters to swim in. Los Cabos is one of the places in Mexico where it’s always sunny. The place is enveloped with sunny blue skies that are cloudless which makes it perfect for sightseeing or catching a breathtaking view of a sunset.

Playa del Carmen
Playa del Carmen is placed along the Yucatan Peninsula and features a “hip” atmosphere with great beaches. This place has been a hotspot for Europeans to visit when they travel to Mexico because of its warming waters and popular plazas. El Zocalo is a public square that is in walking distance of the beach. If you’ve always wondered how Europe was like but have never been able to go, you can find a lot of Europeans hanging out in the beaches. The 5th Avenue is a pedestrian strip that tourists can walk on. It has many street vendors that sell a variety of things that range from food to goods. The vendors are there to cater your taste buds no matter the time. You can catch a nearby ferry in the 5th Avenue to visit a neighboring island, Cozumel. If you want a natural experience, you can swim with the dolphins in Playa del Carmen.

Oaxaca State
Oaxaca State is a place to visit for Mexico travel if you are looking for an adventurous time. Oaxaca State features a large indigenous population which is good for experiencing things that you’ve never experienced. This place is great for finding native people who excel in handcrafting things the “old school” way. If you want something hand made in the most authentic way, there is always someone skilled enough to do it. A main attraction is the Valles Centrales, which contain a number of indigenous markets to make your Mexican visit as authentic as possible.

If you are looking for a place in Mexico to literally dive into, Cozumel’s reefs are one of the best diving spots in the world. Cozumel attracts a number of divers because its reefs feature a number of different types of marine life. You can find fishes that are bright in color and reefs that have a bright lightish-brown color. Cozumel also gives you the opportunity to cruise around the island to experience its natural surroundings. This place is a popular vacation spot for Mexico travel because its plazas are filled with people that come from all over the world. The atmosphere is fun and energetic because of the live music that is being played. If you’d rather tour the places around it yourself, charter boats are available for you to explore Cozumel.