Oaxaca including Huatulco to Puerto Escondido has recently been named by the U.S. State Department as one of the safest places to visit in Mexico.

The safe environment all along the Oaxacan coastline is very apparent once you spend any time here. From the beautiful beaches to it’s amazing people, Oaxaca makes you feel welcome and secure. Living in Puerto Angel, Oaxaca for the past 4 months has been a great adventure.

I’ve done a lot of exploring of the area, as a part of my job is to research the area for upcoming clients. People want to know how safe it is to travel to Mexico. So, I will admit I had the same question before moving here from Canada. After 4 months of exploring the beautiful State of Oaxaca I must admit. I have felt nothing but safe and secure.

Mexico has recently received a ton of bad press, however, what people don’t realize is that Mexico is a huge country.  In any big country there will be areas that are unsafe and areas where travelers can relax knowing they are secure in their travels.

Oaxaca is that place.

Lonely Planet recently listed Huatulco and the Oaxacan coastline as it’s top 8 safest places to visit.  They said

Before brushing a Mexico trip aside this year, consider that about 245,000 square miles are free from the State Department’s warning list. Read more…

Oaxaca, including Huatulco and Puerto Escondido are considered the Top 10 Safest States to visit in Mexico.   This is a great area for your Mexico Vacation.

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