Well, the rainy season has now come and gone, although it’s never really too terrible when it rains here. The greening of the trees and surrounding hills has been a welcome sight even with the rise in humidity.

There is a lot to report since the last newsletter, which has been some time in the making.

Our operations are running at full steam right now and our presence in the region is growing. It has been quite the experience in the 12 months since we moved down here and can hardly believe where the time has gone. We have been through the dry season and barely saw a cloud for 8 months…we have been through the wet season and all it’s lushness. And, as the locals tell us, this has been one of the rainiest seasons on record but the shift back to that warm, sunny Huatulco weather is upon us!

Santa Cruise – Cruise Ships

International Cruise Ship traffic is up 21% in 2010 over last year!

Viewpoint at Puerto Angel

The best news of all is that we continue to move forward at Viewpoint and handing over possession of more units every week. We are beginning kitchen installations on the remining units and these should be finished over the coming weeks ahead. Also, the exterior of the building is fully complete as well as the pool area with all the landscaping. Please visit our website to see more photos….www.viewpointmexico.ca

Secrets Hotel

Currently, The Secrets hotel is under construction in the area of Conejos to the east of Tangolunda Bay. This 400 all-suite oceanfront property is owned by the Preferred Hotels & Resorts group – the same group that owns The Dreams hotel…” this resort becomes the brand’s first property in the upscale tourism.

destination of Huatulco.” Click on this link to read more details.

In addition, it has been confirmed that Riu Palace will commence construction this September on a 550 room hotel development, also in the Conejos area. According to a delegate of SEMARNAT, this is the first project to commence constuction in the Huatulco area upon hearing about the Highway 200 expansion.

Further to this, ASUR (Aeropuertos del Sureste), the conglomerate who owns nine airports in south-eastern Mexico, including Huatulco, recently purchased 321 acres of land and are contractually-bound to provide 1,300 new hotel rooms by the fall of 2012. This new project will be located at Playa Organo just to the east of Santa Cruz.

I’m sure by now most of you have heard about the Mexicana Airlines situation. While this has affected everyone involved, you should also know that there are still many ways to reach the Oaxacan coastline.

Flights to Huatulco

InterJet, a Mexican-based airline operating since 2005, provides daily flights from the Mexico City International Airport to Huatulco. So, for those of you flying during the off-season this will be your first choice for connecting all the way through to Huatulco

Highway 200 Expansion

The expansion of highway 200 continues to move forward from Puerto Escondido. A recent trip down to this area has shown significant progress, and not just promise! The scheduled completion for the entire highway project, linking Puerto Escondido – Huatulco – Oaxaca City – Salina Cruz is slated for 2012.

Development Continues to Flow into the Region

If there is any need for further proof that the Oaxacan coastline is the place to be for future development and investment, look no further than the host of new projects going up in the Huatulco area.

AnotheroptionisMagniCharters.Thisairlinecommenced operationsin1994andisbasedoutofMexico City. They specifically fly to all the major beach desinations, including Huatulco…www.magnicharter. com.mx

And finally, keep you eyes open for Aeromar…this airline has a history dating back to 1987. Aeromar is considered an executive jet offering passenger flights, charters, cargo and mail service…www.aeromar. com.mx

Additionally, Air Canada announced on September 2, 2010 that it will increase its service from Canada by adding flights from Montreal to Mexico City and Vancouver to Mexico City. They will also continue to serve the Toronto market with twice daily flights. Read the article here.

Of course, the arrival of winter means charter flights are available through Sunwing (now operated by Signature Vacations ) with direct flights from major centres throughout Canada, starting in November.

Mexico Bicentennial

On September 15, 2010 Mexico celebrated it’s 200th anniversary of it’s independence from Spain… and on November 15, 2010 they willl celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Mexican Revolution against dictatorship-like rule by Porfiro Diaz.

Some of you may have noticed the signs along Highway 200 called “Ruta 2010”. This is not in reference to the new highway construction but instead signifies “routes” that go over the steps of those individuals that have fought in the battles for the eventual independence and the revolution.

These are probably the single biggest holidays in the country with celebrations lasting for several days.

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…we look forward to seeing you all down here soon.