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For years, world travellers have voted and proclaimed: Mexico Top Destination, consistently ranking in the top 10. What makes Mexico a top destination in the world? According to a recent survey there are a number of good reasons as to why Mexico is one of the top destinations in the world.  It has consistently been in the top 10 international destinations, with specific resorts being named as well worth a visit.  In the top 10 the Riviera Maya was second, while Cancun came in third.  Puerto Vallarta achieved a very respectable fifth place, and Mexican cruises ranked number nine.  The resort of Cabo San Lucas came in 10th.  Although all Mexican resorts are growing in popularity, the resort of PuertoVallarta is doing particularly well at attracting new tourists.

Mexico Top Destination Because of it’s Beaches

It’s easy to see how Mexico is such an attractive destination, as it has literally hundreds of beaches to choose from, many of which are constantly feted as being amongst the best in the world.  All in all an incredible 6,000 miles out of its 9,000 mile coastline are beaches.  As a Mexico top destination it literally has something to offer every kind of tourist.  Of course the major attractions are the beaches, and most people’s vacations will involve spending at least a little time relaxing on the pristine white powdery sands here while sipping something cold and refreshing.  However it has much, much more to offer.

Anyone visiting here should at least make the effort to see some of the impressive archaeological sites, as it certainly has a dramatic history which is well worth learning about.  There are excellent ancient ruins of past civilizations including the Maya, Aztec, Olmec and Zapotec.  If learning about the past isn’t quite your thing and you tend to live more in the present, then a lot of Mexican resorts boast very lively nightlife, and have an extremely good reputation for excellent value and hospitality.  It’s easy to see why Puerto Vallarta is a Mexico top destination, as it is totally geared towards pleasing tourists, and has numerous attractions to cater for both fun and relaxation, and there are lots of trips available for those seeking a little more adventure.

In fact Mexico rates extremely highly as a soft and hard adventure travel destination, and this is increasingly becoming one of the reasons why it’s a top destination.  Anyone interested in wildlife will be in heaven here, especially birdwatchers as there are over 1000 varieties of birds which is twice the number of species found in the whole of the United States and Canada.  Other potential wildlife adventures in this country include hiking through the jungle or rafting down the Usumacinta River.

The majority of visitors to this country come from the United States and Canada, but it is also fast gaining popularity with European and Japanese tourists, with the Yucatán Peninsula proving particularly popular for visitors from different continents.  Another major attraction for visitors is the huge cultural diversity here which is rooted in its colorful past.  Recently the Mexican government has implemented a more far-reaching tourism campaign, and it looks as if it is really paying off.  Why do people always vote Mexico top destination? Perhaps you’d better come and see for yourself.

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