It Pays to Plan Ahead

Want to save big bucks on your next vacation? I have two words for you – It Pays to Plan Ahead!

By planning ahead, you can save a ton of money! From planning your vacation in the “off season” to having the luxury of time when booking your flights, allowing you to take advantage of special deals. You’ll not only feel more peace and calm around your travel plans, you’ll have some extra “dough” to splurge while you’re in Mexico.

Let’s take a look at 5 ways you can save major money!

1) “Off Season” Lodging – While the beaches of the “Costa Chica” in Oaxaca are not overly crowded to begin with, why not visit when you could literally have the beach to yourself? During the off season, many a foreign traveler has woken up to find they are the first to leave tracks in the sand as they watch the sunrise paint colors in the sky.

It Pays to Plan Ahead

They also pay less for the privilege! Nearly all hotels, condo rentals, B&Bs and resorts offer lower rates during non “peak” months. Sometimes you can save as much as 30% on your lodging cost!

We offer reduced rates on all our rentals in non-peak months. Contact me for details!


2) Trips, tours and attractions are also less expensive. So, you can enhance your experience by taking advantage of boat trips, SCUBA diving, deep sea fishing, spa days, and archeological sites, and it could cost you even less than just your lodging would have during the “high season”.

3) Airfare does have its ups and downs throughout the year, but peak travel seasons do affect the cost of getting somewhere. Add to that the luxury of time when planning ahead, and you’ll be able to hit the sweet spot on ticket prices. Many of the specialized airline travel sites that search for the best fares offer the added service of sending you updates on changes in your ticket prices. That way you know immediately when the price drops and you can get the best deal!

4) Packing the essentials – planning ahead also allows time to pack for your trip. You’ll have plenty of time to make sure you pack the sun screen, an extra beach towel, your favorite reading material, and extra pair of flip-flops, the nail clippers, whatever it is you usually forget and end up having to buy once you get there.

We’ve all done it, hasty packing means left behind items that you just can’t live without while on vacation. And, because it happens so often and so many people forget the same things, those items can cost the most once you’re here.

chef services huatulco5) Plan your meals. Planning ahead means you’ll have plenty of time to check out the local restaurants online and see which ones favor your pallet and your budget. If you’re renting a condo with a kitchen, you can also plan to have some easy meals in. Fresh fruits and vegetables in Mexico are inexpensive, easy to find, and ripe and ready to eat!

Here at Mexico Vacation Rental we make it even easier to plan your meals with our Pantry Stocking service. Let us do the shopping for you and you’ll have all the food you want and need for your vacation – and you’ll save money in the long run!

If you thought your next vacation was a long way off because all the prices you see online are “way off” from your current travel budget, contact me today about an “off season” vacation and you may find yourself packing your sunscreen and flip flops before the week is over!