Huatulco boasts a nearly perfect weather forecast 340 days of the year.


Along this southern Pacific coast of Mexico the average daily temperature is consistently 30-32C (86-90F) and the average night temperature is 22-24C (72-76F).


There are only about 25 days of rain all year. The driest months are October through June; the wetter months are June through September. And when it rains it usually happens in the evening and then only for a short while – enough to cool it off. There are the very occasional monsoon-like downpours that can last a few hours at most. These are very welcome because they make our jungles bright green and our flowers burst into glorious blooms that perfume the air.


Huatulco is at the Pacific end of the Sierra Madre mountains. When you see rain in the forecast it means that the villages up on the mountain will see the rain. We usually hear the thunder and see the lightning but only rarely get the rain. We are affected by hurricanes during that season but it is actually uncommon for one to land here. The worst that happens is we get a bit of rain from the storm front as it moves north and we are often happy to see it.


On average:

The warmest month is May

The coolest month is January

September is the wettest month and

April is the driest month


Living in a tropical climate has many benefits that lead to a healthier and happier lifestyle:


SLOWER and MORE RELAXED – Life in a tropical climate is slower and much more relaxed. Everyone moves at a leisurely pace and no one ever seems to be in a hurry. One reason to relax is our beautiful beaches that can be enjoyed for almost the entire year. The calm sound of the waves on the sand, a slow float in the buoyant water, sitting in the warm sand and watching the ocean can slow your heart down and that does your body good!


FRESHER FOOD – Living in Huatulco means you can enjoy an amazing variety of fresh fruits and vegetables all year long. Guava, papaya, oranges, pineapple, coconut, mango, lychee, guyabano, banana and star fruit are just some of the many sweet fruits here. The ocean gives us fresh fish and whether you struggled to catch the fish yourself, or went to the docks searching for the catch of the day, it’s guaranteed to be wonderful. You can also shop in our organic markets for the very best food to keep you healthy. The farmers here do not use chemicals on their crops so you have the benefit of pure and simple produce the entire year. And the beloved avocados are ever present and inexpensive.


WARM TEMPERATURES – Changing seasons can be nice but winter is a challenge for the best of us. If you are not a fan of snow and ice you will love living in the tropics. It is always warm, whether it is rainy or cloudy or sunny.


The sun shines here for most of the year and the air is a perfect 80% humidity – good for your skin and your joints. The warm humidity is also good if you have breathing problems. If you are a runner or if you love walking, bicycling or just getting outside, it is so much easier when you don’t have to bundle up in layers of clothing and worry about slipping on the ice.


Getting that extra measure of exercise increases the production of serotonin and endorphins that are associated with good moods and also help your cognitive abilities, such as memory. Getting outside and moving around strengthens your heart, lowers your blood pressure and reduces stress.


SUNLIGHT – Beautiful natural sunlight … it increases your Vitamin D levels making your bones stronger, energy levels higher and is a possible cancer prevention. Natural light elevates your mood and makes it easier to be more active all year long. It keeps you more alert and if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) it can be a great help to preventing the type of depression that occurs in the transition between seasons. It is common to see depression symptoms decrease in warmer, sunnier climates. And it is also common to see certain types of insomnia improve because when you are busier during the daylight, it makes it easier to sleep better as well.

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Of course, too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can be dangerous. To  minimize the risk of skin cancer you should be sure to use a good quality sunscreen on your body and wear a hat to help shade your face. If you limit your time in the sun to the earlier and later hours of the day when the tropical sun is not as strong, you will also help prevent too much exposure. Between the strong sun times (10:00 am to about 2:00 pm) there are many shady palapas you can sit under to enjoy a cold drink and a plate of healthy guacamole.


IN CONCLUSION: We aren’t doctors, but we are sure that spending time in Huatulco, Mexico will lift your spirits and help you be a better YOU!


How do we know? Because we are from the snowy North and have since stocked up on our power-packed Vitamin D thanks to 340 days of Huatulco weather perfection! We live here now and we are feeling great, mentally, physically and emotionally thanks to the sun on our shoulders and the sand between our toes.


So … follow doctor’s orders and soak up a healthy dose of vitamin D here in lovely Huatulco! Whether you are sightseeing in town, zipping through the jungle, riding the waves or chillin’ out by the pool, your body will be basking in the mental, emotional and physical benefits of our soothing tropical paradise.


WHAT NOW? How can we help you take advantage of 340 days of perfection? Come on down to Huatulco and we’ll show you how to soak up the sunny goodness as either a part time visitor or full time resident. Contact us today to learn more and reap the benefits!