visit-mexicoBeautiful beaches, fascinating people and culture and one of the world’s largest barrier reef make Mexico the most popular tourist destinations in the world.  Mexico is a land of wonder with its pristine waters, nearly untouched beaches and welcome people. 

From its majestic mountains to remote deserts, here is a list of the top 5 best vacation spots in Mexico. 

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#1 Puerto Vallarta   

best vacation spots in mexico

With over 40 miles of coastline and nestled among the Sierra Madre Mountains is the city of Puerto Vallarta.  This tropical location is a cultural mecca for cuisine, music and art, making is one of the best vacation spots in Mexico.


best vacation spots in mexico#2 Isla Mujeres

Located across the waters and only a short ferry ride from the busy Cancun is Isla Mujeres.  This small island is a favorite amongst travelers looking for historic charm and a laid-back vacation.  Enjoy many places to eat, drink, shop and relax away from hustle and bustle and book a trip to Isla Mujeres today.   

# 3 Oaxaca Coast  best vacation spots in mexico

The Costa Chica (‘Little Coast’) of Oaxaca stretches from Puerto Escondido to Bahias de Huatulco in the South Pacific.  It is considered Mexico’s hidden gem and one of the best vacation spots in Mexico.  It is a top spot for travelers seeking culture, amazing food and a truly laid back vacation away from it all.  

Boasting 340 days of sun and fantastic weather all year round there is so much to explore.  Eco-tourism is everywhere in this beautiful spot.  Release sea turtles at sunset, explore coffee plantations up in the Sierra Madre mountains.  Take a surf lesson in the hip, surf town of Puerto Escondido or relax, swim or snorkel on the nearly untouched beaches along the 110 km coastline.  Take a jungle tour or explore the architectural gems that make Oaxaca a true embodiment of the essence of Mexico.   You can drive along the Costa Chica in just two hours, but it takes many days to explore.

best vacation spots in mexico#4 Sayulita

An hour north of Puerto Vallarta is the longboarder’s paradise of Sayulita. Enjoy the chilled-out beach scene. Although tourists descend in droves on the town during vacation periods, the rest of the year Sayulita clings to a bygone era of total beach simplicity and Mexican tranquillity. 

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#5 Cozumel  best vacation spots in mexico

Enjoy beautiful turquoise waters and powdery sands at the island of Cozumel.  This 250-square-mile island off the Yucatán Peninsula boasts spectacular coastal views and charming island flair.  Take in a boat tour around the island or relax beachside and soak up the sun.  Watch the cruise ships come in and head to the plaza for some live music, shopping and more.

These top 5 make up the best vacation spots in Mexico.  Whether you wish to take in some amazing Mexican culture or simply relax and unwind on the many beautiful beaches, Mexico has many spots to explore.

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