Bayside Property Management

Bayside offers complete property management services for properties in Huatulco. Our team will ensure that your property will be carefully and professionally maintained.


‘No Problemo’ Package

The best ‘bang for your buck’, this package is based on an annual contract at a price of $2600 pesos + IVA (2 bedroom)/month and $2900 pesos + IVA (3 bedroom)/month and includes the following:

  • One cleaning per month
  • In/out cleaning inspection
  • Inventory inspections
  • Personalized rental client walk through
  • Property orientation
  • Move patio furniture in/out
  • Weekly walk through
    • Open windows to air out condo
    • Turn on fans
    • Turn on air conditioners
    • Flush toilets, check for leaks
    • Run water in all sinks and showers
    • Check hot water heater to ensure no leakage
    • Turn hot water on when working at the condo for cleaning, etc.
    • Check appliances (many clients choose to leave fridge running to keep spices and condiments etc)
    • Checking fumigation requirements are meeting the planned schedule
    • Checking for any water problems in the rainy season
  • Monthly walk through
    • Cleaning of shower heads
    • Cleaning of faucets
    • Wash outside of all appliances
    • Wash patio floor and glass rail
  • Home expense payment and tracking
  • Paying bills
  • Monthly reporting
  • Supervision of cleaning services & maintenance/repairs (up to 5 hours per month. If additional hours required, will be billed at $350 pesos/hr +IVA)
    • If repairs are required, the owner will be contacted by email with a photo  (if applicable) of the item(s) needing repair.  At any time a worker is brought into your property a Bayside representative will be there to supervise.
    • All repairs, maintenance, replacement supplies and parts will be the responsibility of the condo owner. All receipts will be maintained and given to the condo owner.
    • It is recommended to fumigate every two months or as deemed necessary if there is any infestation of bugs. This includes all areas of the condo and terrace.
  • ‘Put on Pause’ option for specific months you wish to use your property or do not wish for us to perform these services.

Additional Charges:


  • $350 pesos + 16% IVA for 2 bedroom
  • $450 pesos + 16% IVA for 3 bedroom

Please ensure the following items are available for your condo to be cleaned to the highest standards. If items are not provided we will purchase them for you.

  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Fabuloso
  • Pino
  • Wood cleaner if applicable for your furniture
  • Cleaning rags
  • Laundry detergent
  • Dish soap
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Garbage bags
  • Toilet paper
  • Tissues
  • Paper Towel

Plant maintenance (twice a week)

  • $450 pesos + IVA/month

Plant maintenance (twice a week)

  • $600 pesos + IVA/month

Maintenance, repairs and supervision of contractors

  • 5 hours of supervision per month is included in the ‘No Problemo’ package.
  • Additional hours of supervision will be billed at $350 pesos + IVA.
  • Contractor fees and maintenance supplies will be billed separately.

 12-Hour Package

This package falls under the hourly services but offers a discounted price for paying 12 hours in advance. The cost for 12 hours is $500 pesos + 16% IVA/month.

  Rental Performance Package

This package is recommended for the investor type owner who wants to maximize their rental revenue. All services from the ‘No Problemo’ package are included without any property management fee. Instead you will pay an additional 10% of the gross rental revenue. In order to qualify for the Rental Performance Package specific stipulations will apply (see Bayside Vacation Rental Client Agreement for details).

  Preventative Maintenance Package (every 6 months)

To ensure your property stays in good condition year round these services are performed every 6 months at a cost of $1400 pesos + IVA for 2 a bedroom and $1900 + IVA for a 3 bedroom:

  • A/C coil inspection and cleaning
  • Lubricating of door locks and hinges
  • Oiling of all screen doors, patio doors and windows
  • Deep cleaning of property, including:
    • Cleaning of screen doors, windows and tracks
    • Washing fan blades
    • Clean inside of cupboards, pantry and refrigerator
    • Cleaning of dryer vents
    • Cleaning lights and fixtures
    • Refrigerator and freezer
    • Rangehood and fan
    • Furniture
    • Walls
    • Remove & wash couch/seat covers OR clean/spot clean couch
    • Run and clean dishwasher with vinegar
    • Hot vinegar clean on shower doors to remove hard water stains
    • Clean water dispenser with vinegar water
    • Hand wash all dishes – remove hard water stains with hot vinegar
    • Reorganize all kitchen drawers and cupboards

Please note: If you choose to opt out of our property management packages any required services will be billed at $850 pesos + IVA per hour.