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A New Take on an Old Favorite: Chips & Salsa

Fresh chips and fresh salsa! An insanely-easy crowd pleaser. If you’re wondering what to do with your abundance of garden vegetables, why not make your own fresh salsa recipe? Fresh salsa only takes about 15 minutes to prepare provided you have a few fresh ingredients. Make your own fresh tortilla chips for bonus points! Salsa […]

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achiote pod

The Many Uses of Annatto/Achiote

By Julie Etra for The Eye Magazine Bixa orellana is the scientific name of a small tree or large shrub originally native to the state of Amazonas in Brazil, but which thrives in most tropical and semitropical climates. It is considered ‘native’ to Mexico and is found in suitable climates elsewhere in Central and South […]

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Gone Bananas

By Brooke Gazer for The Eye Magazine There are good reasons why bananas are the most popular fruit on the planet. Bananas are the world’s s fourth richest dietary staple, after wheat, rice, and corn. Low in fat and rich in potassium and vitamins A, B, C and D, a medium banana has only 95 […]

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cocoa pods

The Origin of Chocolate

Personally, I can’t imagine a world without chocolate, but before Cortez conquered Mexico it did not exist in Europe. In fact, it was centuries later before the confection that we know today came into being. In Mexico, where chocolate originated, it was not a sweet treat, but a bitter tasting beverage, mixed with chile and […]

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Corn: Mexico’s Gift to the World and New Possibilities for this Ancient Grain

Although I have written several articles about corn A (Zea mays), for The Eye, this one focuses on an outstanding new discovery that may truly revolutionize the agriculture “industry”? and associated production of this grain worldwide. A Short History of Corn First a little background. I have been fascinated with the history of this plant […]

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avocado in tree

Mexico: #1 in Avocados

Mexico is first in the world for avocado production. It is hugely important to the Mexican economy. Its production represents 45.95% of the world’s international export market according to the Agriculture Secretariat (SAGARPA: La Secretaría de Agricultura, Ganadería, Desarrollo Rural, Pesca y Alimentación). Exporting Avocados The Mexican avocado is one of the country’s most successful […]

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Tlayudas: A Oaxacan Street Food Success Story

    Second only to dark chocolaty mole negro, tlayudas are without a doubt the principal, uniquely Oaxacan, culinary seduction, renowned throughout Mexico. While eaten virtually any time of day or night, tlayudas are more typically consumed late evenings, and tradition suggests that they be purchased from street vendors.    Tlayudas México 68 is one […]

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