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Puerto Angel Beaches

Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world are situated along the Pacific Coast of Mexico in a city known as Puerto Angel. It is further south of Acapulco and just west of the city of Huatulco. There are five Puerto Angel beaches that offer sand, surf and stunning views of the coastline. Agustanillo […]

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Oaxaca Highway is a Coming Reality

Such was the optimistic tone set by Mexican President Felipe Calderón back in 2008. Since then the Oaxaca Highway project, that promises to be a boon for tourist travel to the Oaxaca beaches along the Pacific coast, has moved along in fits and starts, plagued by budgetary problems, political infighting and the general economic slowdown […]

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Puerto Escondido Surfing Vacations

If you’re a surfer looking for the ultimate surfing destination, consider Puerto Escondido. Located in southwestern Mexico on the Pacific coast, Puerto Escondido Surfing Vacations are the perfect choice for surfers who want to live a life of luxury while also getting the opportunity to surf some of the world’s best waves. Nicknamed “The Mexican […]

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Puerto Angel

On the doorstep of Viewpoint is Puerto Angel, a breathtaking stretch of 11 beaches laid out across this quiet fishing and surfing community. Puerto Angel has become a world-class surfing area, and also has beaches with waters that are more moderate, optimum for swimming and snorkeling. Other distinct destinations include the National Mexican Turtle Center, […]

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Surfing in Puerto Escondido

If you love surfing, you love surfing in Puerto Escondido and staying in luxury just 30 minutes from a world class surf spot and yearly stop for the Word Surf Tour. The following is a summary from the TomZap website. Be sure to check the surf report before you head down. Puerto Escondido, The Mexican […]

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