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rocky Huatulco coast

Mexico is Still One of the Best Places to Retire in the World

Mexico continuously rates highly on the International Living Index of the World’s Best Places to Retire.  Of their most recommended places to retire, Mexico ranks third for 2019. This index, with 30-years of experience and methodology and consultants across 5 continents, considers a range of factors including financial factors (buying and investing, renting, cost of […]

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rain shadow

‘Huatulco’ or Where the Tree is Worshipped

A colorful series of blooming trees announces the South Pacific Mexican spring. The jacaranda trees bloom with brilliant purple flowers. The primavera trees (Tabebuia) blossom with pink or yellow showy flowers. Bats pollinate the trees. Bees and several species of hummingbirds are attracted to the flowers. The shaving brush tree  (bombax ellipticum) blooms early spring with […]

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When Can I See Humpbacks in Huatulco?

Humpback Whale _Megaptera novaeangliae_ Photo_ NOAA Whales can be seen off the coast of Huatulco generally from mid-December through March. The majority of whales that can be observed are humpbacks although blue whales, gray whales and orcas can also more rarely be seen. Humpback Whale _Megaptera novaeangliae_ Credit_ Danielle Cholewiak_ NOAA NEFSC The humpback is […]

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